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Nature will take over


landscape dissonance - Human archeology

For decades, nature has often been undermined by human beings. This destructive perspective is not pleasant and seems to become a kind of one-way street. Looking and observing, the complexity of nature shows us a substance and an entangled being. Clues show us this evolution and capacity for resilience over time. Man destroys but nature always takes over.


Deeper in the forest - Stacking wood cuts

Nature will take over (nature will take over) - exhibition at the Rossignol Cultural Center from Monday September 5 to Sunday October 23, 2022

Alexandre Dulaunoy presents his photographic and sound work on the theme of natural resilience (nature will take over). It creates a universality by removing elements that can specify the period, place or location. Nature takes on a dimension of autonomy and independence in these photographs to ensure this automatic continuity of evolution even with human intervention. He gets lost in abandoned industrial wastelands, exploited forests, polluted sites, extraction quarries in search of evidence. The photographs are there to reveal what we do not see directly. These human traces that are erased by nature over time. These artifacts show the capacity and independence of nature in the face of actions against it.

His work spans on multiple years for searching places where nature took over. These locations include old industrial sides, polluted lands, old quarries or any site where human destroyed, contained or abused nature.