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[::SyncWiki? For Mobile Users]

A long awaited feature for personal Wikis is the ability to sync between various wikis. The objective is the support of disconnected/connected mode to sync a personal wikis. You can work in areas where you don't have access to your personal wikis (e.g. the train, in a car…).

[::Rsync Approach]

If the "database" of wiki pages is stored on a simple filesystem you can use tools like rsync to sync out files. The difficulty is to manage edit conflict of the same pages… for a personal wiki, this is very efficient as you are "often" the only author.

zsync ( could be also used.

[::off-line edit mode]

As you can create simple text via your favorite editor (Emacs), you can merge afterwards your modification to the wiki wit a simple script. This can be accomplished with scripts like (available in oddmuse) or via elisp script doing the "pushing". You can also play with the "comment" approach to limit the conflicts between different users.

[::reconciliation algorithm]

Difficult to implement but you could be solution to resolve the inherent problems of the rsync approach.