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Submission for the Breizh Entropy conference.

Format of the presentation : 30' or 60' presentation slot

Title of the submission : Forban - "a simple link-local opportunistic p2p free software" or "sharing your electronic bookshelf everywhere locally and even at the Breizh Entropy Congress"

Name: Alexandre Dulaunoy (adulau)

Language: English or French as you want or require, I don't mind. C'est comme vous le désirez.

Summary: Forban is simple free software and protocol to discover and share locally any files in a local area network. The software has been created in reaction to the current book publisher movement introducing more and more restrictions on electronic books. Showing the sharing can be done locally without relying on Internet and providing a convenient (and cozy) sharing way for bookworms, books lovers or just people willing to share knowledge. The presentation includes a technical presentation of Forban for the free software contributors/free technologists and also the philosophical aspect why p2p books sharing is good for our society.

URLs: - (regarding the philosophical background) - (for the technical background) -

Hardware requirements: a beamer is required (and a link-local connectivity ;-)

Bio: Enjoy when human uses machines in unexpected and free ways. For a more formal bio :

Note: Il se peut que la législation sur le droit d'auteur soit mise entre parenthèse durant la présentation.