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2008-11-02 We Enter The Age Of Cyberpunk

That's a "great day", we just enter into the age of Cyberpunk by the recent vote of the French Senate :

The French Senate has overwhelmingly voted in favour of a law that would cut off access to the internet to web surfers who repeatedly download copyrighted music, films or video games without paying.

In other words, the "corporate elite" (or the old and aging musical industry) made a law to cut access to Internet while there are (sometimes, just suspicious or without consent of the Internet user) downloads of "copyrighted content". Hmmm… this looks very close to the story line often used in different cyberpunk stories. To be more precise here is the portrait of cyberpunk societies made by David Brin :

…a closer look at cyberpunk authors reveals that they nearly always portray future societies in which governments have become wimpy and pathetic …Popular science fiction tales by Gibson, Williams, Cadigan and others ''do'' depict Orwellian accumulations of power in the next century, but nearly always clutched in the secretive hands of a wealthy or corporate elite.

We have to be prepared and should start the business to make a "black market" for internet access where all those people excluded from official access can get back access to the network.

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